Pierro Pozella’s practise explores the alternative ways in which we can perceive our world by exploring the heart and soul of photography. With many of us growing up in a world where we are told how to perceive colour, time and space we become bound to this information struggling to see beyond what has been embedded into our minds throughout our lives. Pierro believes that it is particularly important to question if what we see is the whole truth.

He primarily uses home made cameras as a key to unlock these unseen worlds combined with traditional mediums to enhance his concepts behind his practice. Using a range of materials, from using 19th century bomber plane glass lenses, repurposing electronics and even sound, Pierro also explores the fundamental bases of photography and light, creating his own light sensitive emulsion hybrid with silver nitrate chemistry and redesigning digital sensors. He uses the medium of photography over other methods as it allows his concept to be communicated clearly along with stimulating discussion around the underlying meanings of the work. 

 Pierro’s obsession with developing cameras began at a young age when he was introduced to the concept of cameraless photography. Pierro has since continued to refine and develop new cameras until he is able to access a world that is not visible to the human eye. Vision drives his work as he is exploring the concept and philosophy of vision as both internal and external. 

Pierro has been inspired by many artists and photographers within his practice such as the photographic movement produced by shadow catchers as well as influences from philosophers who have allowed him to expand his knowledge in the field of perception. For example Alfred Korzybski’s theory non-illness based on perception and meditation experts such as Wim Hof. With a broad range of influences Pierro is able to expand his knowledge to be able to approach his photographic practise from multiple angles achieving a new way of seeing what we have always seen. 

 Pierro’s practice has recently focused on how meditation can allow us to access a unique part of our vision we have evolved to block from our minds. Pierro believes the action of meditation can help to create a transformative experience. With this view point, it is possible to gain a greater perspective that we as humans are limited with our perception, and to truly be able to see we must explore the medium of photography itself.